Other Taxes

Detailed Budget Measures

Community Amateur Sports Clubs (CASCs)

As announced on 4 March 2013, powers will be introduced in the Finance Bill 2013 to allow the Government to change the rules on CASCs through secondary legislation.

The Government will consult on a range of issues including fees, allowable income, travel expenses and permitting limited payments to players, before laying regulations after Royal Assent to Finance Bill 2013.

Information powers

Following consultation, legislation will be introduced to bring into effect international agreements to improve tax compliance.

Primary legislation will be introduced in Finance Bill 2013.

Regulations will be issued shortly to implement the UK-US agreement. Further regulations will be introduced to implement any subsequent similar automatic exchange agreements entered into.

Data-gathering from merchant acquirers

As announced in the Autumn Statement 2012, legislation will be introduced in the Finance Bill 2013 to amend HMRC's current data-gathering powers to allow it to issue notices to card payment processors.

The notices will require them to provide bulk data about businesses accepting credit and debit cards. This measure will have effect from the date of Royal Assent to Finance Bill 2013.

Gift Aid

The Government is looking at options to improve the take-up of Gift Aid on donations through digital channels.

It will consult after the Budget on a range of options including enabling donors to complete a single Gift Aid declaration to cover all their donations through a specific channel. The consultation will inform policy changes, and should these require primary legislation, this will be in Finance Bill 2014.

Stamp duty on junior shares

The government will bring forward legislation in Finance Bill 2014 taking effect from April 2014, that abolishes stamp duty and Stamp Duty Reserve Tax on share transactions in UK companies quoted on Small Company Growth Markets.