Implementation Dates

Budget Measures Implementation Dates

Category Description Effective from
Personal tax IT: charge, rate limits and personal allowance 06/04/2013
IT exemption for universal credit 06/04/2013
Cap on unlimited reliefs 06/04/2013
Statutory residence test 06/04/2013
Ordinary residence 06/04/2013
Limited CGT, IT and NICs exemption for employer owner shares 06/04/2013 / 01/09/2013
EMI: entrepreneurs' relief 06/04/2013
Tax advantaged employee share schemes Royal Assent
Personal services companies and IR35 06/04/2013
Glasgow commonwealth games 04/03/2014
Expenses of elected representatives 06/04/2013
Pensions tax relief: lifetime allowance and annual allowance 06/04/2014
Exemption from IT of contributions to pension schemes 06/04/2013
Abolition of contracting out the SSP: consequential amendments 06/04/2013
Bridging pensions 06/04/2013
Overseas pension schemes Royal Assent
Attribution of gains to members of non-resident companies 06/04/2012
Transfer of assets abroad [amends ITA 2007, Pt. 13, Ch.2 - 129-500??] 06/04/2012
IT rules on interest [disguised interest and deduction at source] 06/04/2013
Life insurance: qualifying policies 06/04/2013
Gains from contracts for life insurance 06/04/2013
Inheritance tax: election to be treated as domiciled in UK 06/04/2013
CGT: heritage maintenance settlements 06/04/2012
IHT: OEICs and authorised unit trusts 16/10/2002
Community investment tax relief [325-000ff / 716-700ff] 1/6 April 2013
Remittance basis: exempt property [commentary will be inc. in new Residence division] 06/04/2013
Anti-avoidance measure relating to trade and property business deductions 21/12/2012
Pensions drawdown 26/03/2013
Non-domicile taxation 06/04/2013
Trusts with vulnerable beneficiaries 08/04/2013
SEED EIS: extension of reinvestment rellief 06/04/2013
SEED EIS: changes to income tax relief 06/04/2013
London Anniversary Games tax exemption 06/04/2013
Higher rate threshold 06/04/2014
Capital gains tax: annual exempt amount 06/04/2014
Inheritance tax: nil rate band 06/04/2015
Business Tax Main rate for 2014 01/04/2014
Small Profits Rate for 2013 01/04/2013
Main rate for 2015 01/04/2015
Bank levy rates from 1 January 2013 01/01/2013
R&D credit 01/04/2013
CT reliefs for the creative sector 01/04/2013
Temporary increase in AIA 01/01/2013
Gas refueling stations: extension of time limit for Cas 01/04/2013
CAs: cars with low carbon dioxide emissions 01/04/2013
Cash basis for small businesses (revised 21/12/12) 01/04/2013
Disincorporation relief 01/04/2013
Currency used in tax calcns: chargeable gains and losses Royal Assent
NHS bodies: tax consequentials (CT and VAT) Royal Assent
Oil and Gas: desommissioning certainty Royal Assent
CT: deferral of payment of exit charges 11/12/2012
Tier two capital of banks 26/10/2012
Debt cap: group treasury companies 11/12/2012
Loss surrenderable by non-UK resident established in EEA 01/04/2013
Arrangements for transfer of companies 01/04/2013
CFCs 01/01/2013
Corporation Tax and Chief Police Constables 17/01/2013
Restriction of allowances for certain decommissioning expenditure oil and gas 31/03/2014
Investment trust companies 01/01/2012
Cas for energy-saving plant and machinery in Northern Ireland 01/04/2013
Cas: railway assets and ships 01/04/2013
Property tax Annual residential property tax (revised and augmented draft legn published 31/01) 01-Apr-13
CGT payable by NNPs when they dispose of interests in high value residential property 06/04/2013
SDLT: transfers of rights Royal Assent
REITs: investing in REITs Royal Assent
Lease premium relief 01/04/2013
SDLT: leases simplification Royal Assent
SDLT: avoidance 21/03/2012
Indirect tax VAT: reduced rate for energy saving materials in charitable buildings 01-Aug-13
VAT: road fuel scale charges Royal Assent
Anti-avoidance General anti-abuse rule Royal Assent
Manufactured payments 01/01/2014
Unauthorised unit trusts Royal Assent
Disclosure of tax avoidance schemes Royal Assent
Abolition of IT relief for patent royalties 05/12/2012
CT: mismatch schemes, property return swaps and manufactured payments 05/12/2012
Bank levy - double taxation relief 05/12/2012
Inheritance tax: limiting the deductions for liabilities Royal Assent
Corporation tax deductions for employee share acquisitions 20/03/2013
Close company loans to participators 20/03/2013
Loss buying 20/03/2013
Tax administration Withdrawing a notice to file a SATR Royal Assent
RTI: penalties for late filing, late payment and errors Royal Assent
Agreement between UK and Switzerland: remittance basis 01/01/2013
International agreements to improve tax compliance Royal Assent
Data-gathering from merchant acquirers Royal Assent
Overpayment relief 6m after Royal Assent
Proceeds of crime: powers of officers of R&C Royal Assent
Cross-cutting measures Personal Independence Payment (PIP) 01/04/2013
Armed Forces Independence Payment (AFIP) 01/04/2013
Secondary legislation Changes to the value of the tax exemption for employer supported childcare 06/04/2013
CAs: first year tax credits 01/04/2013
VAT: reduced rate for small cable-suspended transport 1 April 2013.
Building society capital instruments 01/03/2013

Finance Bill 2013 will be published on the 28 March 2013